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How to use Female Condom?

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Instruction for use

Open End (Outer Ring)

Closed End (Inner Ring)

The open covers the area around the opening of the vagina. The inner right is used for insertion, and to help hold the condom in place.

Hold the sheath

  • Hold inner ring between thumb and middle finger.

  • Squeeze.

  • Insert the inner right the vagina.

How to insert the condom

Insert the sheath as far as it will go. It's in the right place when you can't feel it. Don't worry it can't go too far, and IT WON'T HURT!

Make sure the placement is correct

  • Make sure the sheath is not twisted. The outer ring should be outside the vagina.


  • Remove before standing up. Squeezed and twist the outer ring. Pull out gently being careful not to spill semen. Throw it in the garbage, not in toilet.

  • Use condoms only once.

Benefits of Female Condom

  • Opportunity for women to share the responsibility for the condoms with their partners

  • A woman may be able to use the female condom if her partner refuses to use the male condom

  • The female condom will protect against most STDs and pregnancy if used correctly

  • The FC or FC2 female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse so as not to interfere with the moment

The FC and FC2 female condoms are made of polyurethane and nitrile, which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than latex. These materials can be used with oil-based as well as water-based lubricants. No special storage requirements are needed because polyurethane and nitrile are not affected by changes in temperature and dampness. In addition, these materials are thin and conduct heat well, so sensation is preserved.

Disadvantages of Female Condom

  • The outer ring or frame is visible outside the vagina, which can make some women feel self-conscious

  • The FC and FC2 female condoms can make noises during intercourse (adding more lubricant can lessen this problem)

  • Some women find the female condom hard to insert and to remove

  • It has a higher failure rate in preventing pregnancy than non-barrier methods such as the pill

  • It is relatively expensive and relatively limited in availability in some countries

  • It is recommended that the female condom be used only once

Guide to Male Condom

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